10 Reasons WHY working in Serviced Office make sense

why serviced office rental

What are your thought processes in leasing a serviced office? You couldn’t be sure right now, yet a few of the accompanying thought processes may interest you. They are ten in the prime intentions numerous different associations have made the move to lease a work environment completely adjusted.

1. The organization is developing expedient, and it never again bodes well to help continue working out of a home or a further office offered for nothing out of pocket. Sadly, it is additionally likewise rapidly to focus on a long haul rental rent for an office space. The adaptable leasing terms of an overhauled office could be the superb fit.

2. The business endeavor is moving from 1 city, state or nation to another. Here and now office space is vital when investigations into the new district are performed in addition to the decision to move into that zone is totally an unchangeable reality. It tends to look bad to sign a long rent when the exact city of tasks could possibly alter as plans are resolved.

3. The business is reduced, however prerequisites access to exceedingly estimated rigging to ensure everyday activities run smoother. Numerous overhauled workplaces enable partnerships to share gear, so every business venture does not need to get it on their own one of a kind.

4. The independent company is another start-up, and space is important however conceivably not for all time. It truly is typically dangerous beginning up something fresh out of the box new with limited financing, so it just bodes well to keep the extensive term responsibilities as low as you can.

5. The business venture is built up, little to medium in estimate, and not to the point of enlisting regulatory and specialized help towards the value run. Given that an adjusted office gives the association some utilization of regulatory help, the association can work easily without putting out a further amount on enlisting that further faculty.

6. The endeavor is blasting startlingly fast, and additionally the work environment space as of now leased won’t hold all the faculty being contracted. Inside this case, the partnership will regularly put the flood into an adjusted work environment space, just until the point that they can escape their present duty and find a greater space to for all time lease or secure.

7. The private venture has right now rented extensive term having another office space, or has conceivably purchased new space, however it simply isn’t prepared in the time the rent around the old space is up. To have the capacity to safeguard independent venture working and staff secure however the new space is put with each other, a brief rental is fundamental.

8. The association is little or medium in estimate, however there’s a will requirement for additional working environment space for any given venture. This could be something long haul or brief term, anyway the space won’t regularly be required, so it tends to look bad to purchase or lease protracted term.

9. The business venture is tremendous and is investigating the choice of opening up a fresh out of the box new division or office. Until the point when the idea is completely contributed and arranged to go totally, they may lease an adjusted working environment space to habitation that achievable division or division. In the long run, that space will probably be rejected together with the division, or converged in to the business.

10. The business undertaking is simply beginning up and furthermore the proprietors are positively not so much sure approaches to working a work environment space. They could utilize an adjusted work environment as a contemplating background.

Is Your Website Too Wordy?

I have in front of me the Google Analytics reports for 10 of our clients at Sales Growth Group, and as I stare at the reports, I start making some rough calculations. (32)

From those calculations, I think I can predict when you will stop reading this article and when your website visitors will stop reading your website. (57)

Each of the websites in these reports are relatively new and reasonably strong designs. Most of these are companies marketing to consumers; some are marketing to businesses, but none of them are e-commerce sites. (91)

When I add up the average time spent on each site per visit for all of them and average it out, I get a little more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Not bad, but let’s look further. The average pages viewed per visit is 4.5. Not bad either, but let’s see where that leads us. (150)

That’s a little more than 33 seconds a page. Now the average person reads about 250 words per minute and several studies show that reading from a computer monitor decreases that by about 10%. So let’s use 200 words per minute as an average (because I’m a creative person and I like to make math easier any time I can). (206)

Playing this out you can see that in 33 seconds the average website visitor can take in a little more than 100 words from a page on your website. In fact, if you noticed, I marked at the end of each paragraph the word count so far in this entry. The word “on” in the fourth paragraph is the 100th word. That’s about how much copy per page, per visit your average website visitor can digest. (294)

So how many words are on the average page in your website? If you’re like a lot of companies that come to us for a website design, it’s too many. (324)

Count the words on your home page to see. Just cut and paste the text into a MS Word document and then click on “tools” then “word count.” Or for 2007 users, the word count is under the review section. I think you’ll be amazed. (369)

Remember that people don’t really read websites, they skim them. Having large bodies of copy prevents that. (386)

I’d write more, but my calculations show I’ve already written 360% more than you’re willing to read! (Too many!)

Top 10 Internet Things Small Businesses Should Be Thankful For

Here are the top 10 things a small or medium size business that is paying attention to how their website can help them increase their sales and to how vital the internet is to their success, should be thankful for:
1.       That they came to see what a website design should do – generate leads – people to sell to, rather than just sit there and occupy a space on the internet.
2.       That they took an extra 10 minutes to make sure their website domain is really registered in their name. Finding out someone else actually owns your domain is a major headache.
3.       That they finally figured out the kid down the street or the guy that does website design and website development part-time really isn’t capable of creating their single most important marketing element.
4.       That they made sure that the log in and password that they could use to access their domain through their domain registrar is securely recorded and locked with other vital company documents and passwords. If you have to change where your website is hosted and you don’t have that, you could spend hours and hours trying to get control of your site.
5.       That they are experiencing the ease of finding the customers through Pay Per Click programs and Search Engine Optimization that are already looking for them as opposed to the frustration of searching through masses of disinterested consumers with off-line media. Pick the lowest hanging fruit first. If nothing else, make sure your website design facilitates these two activities.
6.       That they made sure that their SSL (Secure Site Layer – a method of encrypting data on a server) key is registered in their name and their email address. If your SSL key expires it is among the most difficult parts of your business to renew because they must talk to the business owner and will only call the phone number listed in the official state business records. If you have moved your business or changed your phone number and you let your SSL key expire because the emails were going to the wrong place, you are about to step into one of the most aggravating processes you have ever experienced.
7.       That they coughed up the extra money and renewed their website domain for 10 years. Beside the small benefit you get for your Search Engine Optimization, you lessen the chance of someone stealing your domain because you missed the renewal.
8.       That they realized that a website is like a garden; it requires maintenance and constant attention. You need to prune the dead content and always add new content.
9.       That they asked their website hosting company a simple question, “How often do you completely back up my website?”   Ever lost an important document on your personal computer? Think 10 X the frustration and angst if something ever happened and you lost of your website files.
10.   That they installed some type of analytics program to really understand how their people use their website and if their website design was helping or hindering their results. You can’t improve what you don’t measure and the information your website can tell you is extremely valuable.

Three Reasons Why it May Not be the Economy that is Hurting Your E-commerce Website

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We meet a lot of people who have e-commerce websites that aren’t making anywhere near as much money as they did a couple of years ago. They are sure it is the economy. I’m not so sure. I think it could be:

1)    When they first started their e-commerce website they had little competition.  Consumers used the website because of the utility value – it was easier to shop on-line then go in person or make a lot of phone calls. Then competition came and someone else started an e-commerce website that sold most of the same products. Now a lot of e-commerce websites don’t have any true value propositions. They are just a bunch of products lumped into categories. Today, you have to have a hook. Why should the consumer buy from you instead of the other website selling the same things?

2)    A lot of e-commerce websites look very impersonal. People want to buy from people. Consumers are increasingly distrustful on the internet and a lot of e-commerce websites don’t display any kind of credibility, values or history. You have to show the consumer that there is someone that can be trusted behind the website.

3)    Search Engine Optimisation for e-commerce sites has gotten much more difficult. Many e-commerce websites get hurt because they simply cut and paste the product’s description and photos from the manufacturer’s website. Search engines just see that at as a mass of duplicate content and they don’t attribute much value to that. Consumers move through the website because they don’t see anything they haven’t seen before. It’s a lot more work, but each product has to be individually described in a manner that matches the website’s brand or personality.

Oh sure, the economy has had a little to do with some of the decreased revenue we see from e-commerce sites, but it isn’t as big of a factor as the website owners think it is. The owners themselves and how they are managing the site are a much bigger factor.

Article by Sales Growth Group 

When Is a Virus NOT a Virus

website security

There are certain things you hope you can trust in life: the thermometer that reads your body temperature, your bank statement and of course your anti-virus program.

Many people are finding out that when it comes to Microsoft’s Windows One LiveCare, that may not be the case. This anti-virus software, which failed to meet its original sales goals after a much hyped debut, is reporting that some very common java scripts web developers all over the world use, are viruses when indeed they are not.

So now many businesses are getting calls or emails from their customers or site visitors saying, “Your website has a virus,” when it really does not. Bloggers have flooded Microsoft with calls for them to repair the issue and so far they have declined. That’s not unexpected since Microsoft has announced they are discontinuing support for the product.

Most businesses that have paid to have their website professionally created and have their website hosted in a dedicated hosting environment are probably not going to have a website that is infected with a virus. There are too many safeguards that professional web development firms use and there are many things that happen on the server side of a website that make it awfully tough for a site to host a virus.

Companies can pay to have the java script in their website altered so that Windows One LiveCare doesn’t see it as a virus and consumers will probably need to start relying on more than one anti-virus program for total protection, because if Windows One LiveCare can give a false positive, it most certainly is capable of delivering a false negative.

Work Less by Using Your Website More

Work Less by Using Your Website More

At Sales Growth Group we are always extolling the amazing benefits of making your website do more of your selling, but your website can also do a lot more heavy lifting to make your life easier.

Here are four things that your website can do to make your life easier:
1) Answer Your Most Common Questions:
Are there questions about your product or service you answer nearly every day? List them all and the answers on a FAQ page on your website. People go to your website to research your company and a FAQ page is a nice, neat convenient place for them to get the answers they are seeking.
2) Complete Your Customer’s Shopping Comparison:
You know that prospective customers use the internet to compare your product or service with your competitors, so why not help them with it? Create a page that compares your products and services with your competitors. Make it truthful and honest even if it shows a few places were your company or product is not on top.
Prospective customers will appreciate your integrity and you get to control the conversation.
3) Give Customers the Paperwork or Forms They Need:
Whether it is a credit application, an insurance form, or a form that is necessary to open an account, use your website as a place where your customers can get those forms when they need them. You can put them behind a password-protected area to make sure your competitors can’t pirate your intellectual property.
4) Ask for Referrals:
Sometimes it is hard to remember to ask your current customers for referrals because you’re so busy servicing them, but your website always has time to ask for more business. If your current customers visit your website often, having a simple form that they can use to refer you to someone else can have a big payoff for a small investment.
Your website can play many roles for your company. If it is not saving you time, making it easier for someone to be your customer or driving new sales or leads, you’re missing one of the most powerful opportunities to grow your business.
FREE Website Hosting – Find out how to get free website hosting for an entire year when you develop a new sales generating, time-saving website for your business.

Why This Is A Fantastic Time To Advertise With A Website

Fantastic Time To Advertise With A Website

Remember your high school chemistry? When you heat a gas, the molecules move more and are more likely to collide?

Same thing happens in a bad economy. It might not be visible to the naked eye, but consumers are moving more, and there is a greater opportunity  for you to collide with them.

Case in point: tomorrow, I’m changing my eye doctor. I have been going to my current eye doctor for nearly 20 years, and I thought (and still believe) that he is one of the best. I also always thought he was a little on the pricey side, but for the better part of 20 years that wasn’t part of my decisionmaking on this purchase.

But things are different now. Consumers (and I’m one of them) are re-examing every purchase. So, this new economy made me stop and re-think what had always been a habitual decision. I started thinking, “What am I getting for his higher price”? That combined with the fact that his office isn’t very convenient to where I work or live, suddenly put me in play as a consumer.

I heard an ad for a local eyeglass store that was offering a free exam with an eyeglass purchase plus they were offering two glasses for the price of one. There was a time that even if I heard that ad, I wouldn’t have paid attention because I was satisfied with the relationship I had with my eye doctor.

Today, this economy has consumers re-evaluating almost every one of their buying relationships. This means consumers are moving more. You can get the attention of someone today that you had no shot at one year ago. You have to match their movement with your own through aggressive marketing and experimenting with new offers. Do that, and you will increase the amount of “collisions” you have with new customers.

There’s no better place to start than your website. When consumers are researching alternatives for their existing relationships, they go to the web. You simply have to have an effective website that either by paid search engine marketing or natural search engine optimization, appears on the first page of the results for the phrases your consumers are using. You’ll be amazed at how many consumers you can collide with.