Myth of Social Media Marketing

myth of social media

If you were born being in the social media Check out these myths about Social Media Marketing and how to avoid falling into them:

Social media is no longer online communication channels that can guide towards our potential customers, these are tools that can create interesting conversations for our business, allow us to present our brand and our products.

If you want to talk about your Internet brand, the perfect channel is to use social networks.


Raises well your strategies in Social Media and get a good ROI at low cost in addition to attract and retain your customers.

Each network has specific features, choose the one that suits your brand. You simply mark should be where your customers are. Study the possibilities: Facebook, IG, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Flickr, etc. and each channel has its own characteristics, to select the best for your business must ask in what you are getting your target audience.

It is a mistake to simply create a profile for your brand and leave only to be present, if you are not going to update your profile leave “dead” better not think, it can give a negative image for your brand. If you decide to enter the world of social networks keep your profile up to date, go to publish new content, answering user questions, trying to interact. Let them see that your brand is active.

If a user has a bad opinion about your brand and want to express it has at its disposal many online channels where I do, forums, blogs, etc. If you offer a channel where you can express what they think about your brand will read it directly, allowing you to defend yourself or apologize to cleanse your image.

A negative comment need not be bad, if you listen to the complaints from users it will also learn, know what you miss and improve your products or services.

You may not enter users in social networks looking for something related to your business but the fact is that more and more users actively enter social networks both professionally and personally. The audience is there and if you do not find your brand to cover their needs it will find other similar seize the canal.
The Social Media Marketing takes time for users to find us, we know and begin to actively interact. This clearly is a channel that works, if you do not get the expected results you’re not giving the right approach and you have to change strategies.

You have a blog or a website allows us to be present on the Internet and users to find, but we must not ignore that social networks give us access to communicate, personally and directly, with billions of people.

Are you going to waste the opportunity?



Social Media allow people to communicate.  For instance children who use social media help promote creativity, interaction and learning. It can also help them do their homework.

The frequency of publication will depend on our interests and resources, we must not publish a very high frequency to avoid being rejected as spam, but we should not publish once a week it will not offer enough content. Try to post new content at least once a day and often seen as testing the involvement of your users.

There are tools that will help you schedule your posts on social networks and distribute them in time. You can leave publications scheduled all day or even all week. What it should do is pay attention to user queries and respond as soon as possible, the Internet can be very impatient.

Do not always talk about your brand, or related to your company or industry. Study the interests of your target audience and do not limit yourself just to advertise about your brand. You can share photos, share experiences, upload videos and even launch questions for surveys and market research. It is a mistake to simply share links to your website or blog.

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