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Every project we work on here at SGG is not just another run for an award or an artistic masterpiece no one understands. Our websites are marketing machines that generate business for our clients. Here’s just a few of our latest online sales producers we’ve installed for our clients. Take a look and let us know when you’re ready to get started with your own business generator.

MAX Executive Coaching

Every website owner in pursuit of leads from the internet must balance quantity and quality.

This website helps Jayne Warrilow, one of the United Kingdom’s top Executive Coaches, carefully screen her leads to ensure the prospects are truly at the point in their career where they can benefit from Jayne’s services. The site allows visitors to take an in-depth leadership assessment. Visitors can print out the results of the assessment to show their supervisors or colleagues, which helps spread Jayne’s brand virally.

By taking the assessment the visitor also receives a password to unlock a free resource area full of valuable articles, podcasts, and a forum where like-minded senior executives can discuss mutual challenges.

This powerful website will lead MAX Executive Coaching to success as they expand their prestigious service to the United States.

Dr. Scott Rotatori

What’s one of the most important factors in selecting a cosmetic surgeon? The doctor himself, right? Note how the website introduces that key sales factor into the site design. Plus, check out how the site treats returning visitors differently than first-time visitors. Returning visitors have different needs and different expectations than first-time visitors. Does your website treat first-time visitors and returning visitors the same way? It probably shouldn’t.  This site also has a very clever and well-disguised lead generation point. See if you can find it! Click here now to get started with a free website analysis!

Lewis & Kramer Home Exterior Consultants

This website propelled Lewis and Kramer Home Exteriors to new revenue through a highly effective lead capture program right out-of-the-box. With multiple lead generation points, this site is converting nearly 10% of all site visitors into leads. The site’s structure also enables them to easily optimize their Pay Per Click campaign.  This is their second website.  Their first website developed by an ordinary web design company didn’t generate results so they came to SGG to see measurable results and they got them! Click here now to get started with a free website analysis!

Super Holiday Tours

No sooner did this website for the student travel experts at Super Holiday Tours launch, than their leads started to increase exponentially. The site’s structure features multiple lead generation points including a free quote, a trip generator that will help a school director come up with trip ideas, and a forum where directors can share their travel tips with each other and talk directly with the Super Holiday Tours team. The Meet the Team section is also unique in that is allows each member to answer personal questions about themselves and allows website visitors to contact each person directly. Click here now to get started with a free website analysis!

Signature Systems of Florida

Signature Systems of Florida is known in the Orlando area for their fire alarm systems services, but were having troubles communicating to customers and prospects all their additional safety services. The new site highlights each service and establishes them as the expert in all safety products. The site has a robust lead tracker system that tracks the multiple lead generation points and notifies the sales department when a lead comes in. There’s also a part of the site that services the current customer base and those leads are linked directly to their service department. Click here now to get started with a free website analysis!


A fun and exciting site for WingHouse restaurants, it allows visitors to purchase items directly from the site, order online, view the menu online, see the WingHouse girl of the week, and learn about franchise opportunities. Click here now to get started with a free website analysis!

Olympus Insurance

Olympus Insurance is a brand new company coming into a fiercely competitive market space and they needed a site that could generate leads and sales without the benefit of high brand awareness.  The video with a warm compelling hostess who guides visitors through the site enables visitors to understand the site features quickly and keeps them on the site for a longer period of time. The site traps leads with multiple lead generation points, builds brand awareness putting their name on highly sought after weather text alerts, and creates a high level of customer satisfaction with a polished behind-the-scenes mechanism that periodically emails customers tips on how to lower their insurance rates and keep their home safe. Now that’s a working website! Creating new customers and helping satisfy existing customers - all from one Internet Marketing Platform. Click here now to get started with a free website analysis!

Disney Entrepeneur Center

The Disney Entrepreneur Center's new site is a treasure trove of business tips, strategies, and tools for business owners. Visitors can sign up for business coaching, register to attend a seminar, or just navigate through the immense amount of information geared toward helping entrepreneurs succeed. Click here now to get started with a free website analysis!

Orlando Violinist - Lisa Ferrigno

A prominent local violinist who specializes in wedding music, Lisa Ferrigno's site perfectly matches her artistic creativity. Full of lush photography of her and her violins as well as rich, vibrant copy describing her and her art, this site allows visitors to sample her music, learn more about what makes Lisa so sought-after, and contact her directly. Click here now to get started with a free website analysis!

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