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How much should you invest in your website? It is your single most important advertising and sales tool. Your website influences the effectiveness of all of your other advertising as consumers go to your website to research your company after seeing one of your ads. So think about how much you've spent on your biggest ad, or how much would you invest in a top sales person.

When you look at your website as an ad or as a key selling tool, you will look at your investment in a much different way. Like any ad or marketing program, it should have a specific return on your investment. At SGG, our speciality is creating direct revenue from your website. Use the calculator below to see how much revenue may be hidden in your website.

A $0.00 investment in your website will have a 0% *ROI generating $0.00 in sales.

Every website has hidden revenue. We create opportunities to catch leads from your website visitors and we help you build a strategy to market to them to grow your sales. Start tapping into the revenue that your website can generate by getting a FREE website analysis. We'll analyze your current website and show you how you can turn it into an active and powerful part of your sales process. Simply supply us with some basic information about your website and your business, and then we will immerse ourselves in a web development strategy that will increase your sales. Join us for a brief meeting to review your results and you'll be on your way to a more profitable business. It really can be that easy.

Tax Help! Important Tax Information

*ROI Calculation assumes amortizing the cost of your website over two years.
Click here for an explanation of the IRS's allowable depreciation items in the e-commerce/internet category. Please consult an accountant or tax professional for specific advise on reporting the cost of your business' website.

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