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Why Our Website Designs Work Better and Faster

At SGG, we believe that the key to getting your website to start generating results for your business faster is to get it right the first time.

That's why every SGG website is put through a rigorous test by our group of independent testers, people just like your potential visitors, who give honest feedback on all different aspects of your website before the website goes live to the world. That’s why our websites work better and faster out of the box. Because we give the site a statistical test run before we risk your business with it. And any changes that need to be made after the usability test is done, is done on our time. Not yours. You don’t pay a cent more.

Take a look at these real responses we received about sites we designed, and the companies they represent,  from usability studies we performed last year.

2008 Cumulative Responses About Websites We Produced

1. If you knew someone who you thought might be able to use the services, product, or event being offered by the company who owns this website, would you recommend they visit the site?

79% 2% 19%

That's a strong statement. Nearly 80% of the survey takers would recommend the website they were evaluating to someone else. Isn't that what you want for your website?

2. Based strictly on what you observed on the website, which of these best describes the company it represents?

New company just getting started     17%    
Established company offering the same service/product     15%    
Established company offering a higher quality service/product     66%    
Established company offering a lower quality service/product     2%    

The quality of your website determines how consumers see the quality of your company. Almost 70% of the survey takers felt the companies behind the websites we designed had  products or services that were superior to their competitors.

If you'd like to find out what's preventing your website from getting reviews like this Click here for a FREE Website Analysis!

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