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Web Design Questions

As a fully-staffed website design company, businesses throughout Orlando tap into our team’s expertise to improve their website design. Of course, they also ask us some questions we honestly didn’t expect. Here’s the full list of questions and answers we’ve collected from our site. Hopefully you’ll find information about website design that you find helpful, and in some cases, amusing. We did.

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Q: Do you manage PPC campaigns also? Or do you just do websites?
A: Yes. We have a Google Certified AdWord Professional on staff.
Q: Does this really work?
A: Yes. Thank you for visiting our website!
Q: Have you ever done a website for a dentist?
A: We've done websites for several medical professionals, but no dentists. We'd love for you to be the first. And, btw, we are regular flossers.
Q: Where are you located?
A: In Altamonte Springs, minutes away from the intersection of i-4 and 436. Rest assured we try not schedule a lot of meetings at 5pm.....
Q: Do your websites include hosting?
A: Yes, we do offer hosting and over 90% of the sites we produce use our hosting services. We currently host nearly 100 websites.
Q: How long does it take to do a website?
A: Well Frances brought in cheesecake so we're movin' a little slow today, but on average our websites take between 3 and 6 weeks from start to publishing on the internet.
Q: Why is the owner a Phillies fan?
A: YO! He was born and raised outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County.
Q: Do you develop on-line games?
A: No. Sorry. Just play them.
Q: Are Matt and Fabian secret agents?
A: When the sun sets, see the man with the fiddle.
Q: Can the same website be at more than one web address?
A: Yes, but there may be significant negative consequences to doing so if it is not done correctly. We should discuss what your objectives are.
Q: Do you fix existing sites, or just do new ones?
A: Sometimes, but in most cases it's not as effective as starting over because the overall organizational structure of the site typically needs to change to get a better response.
Q: Am I supposed to be able to read and see the portfolio pics there?? theyre too small and move too fast!!!
A: No. If you click on the link at the bottom of the animation it will take you to the page with the full portfolio. Thank you for the feedback!
Q: can you do a website in more than one language?
A: Yes. There are several ways to do it and depending on whether your site has industry-specific jargon or context, will be a factor in deciding the best way to do it.
Q: Have you done a website for a vein center?
A: Yes, we have very proudly done Vascular Vein Centers.
Q: does seo have to be done every month?
A: Not usually. Depends on how competitive the phrase is that you are targeting and how "finished" your SEO effort is. One thing is for sure though, even the best SEO efforts will get out of tune and require regular maintenance.
Q: Do you convert PSD to valid XHTML or design for other website design companies?
A: We do. Each one is a case by case determination depending on the number of pages and the specifics of the design.
Q: If a company has multiple brands underneith their main corporation, should they have a diferent e-commerce site for each brand and one main information site about all brands? Or mini information sites about all the brands with one big e-commerce site sel
A: Three considerations: 1) Would a consumer ever want to buy products from each brand in the same shopping cart? 2) Will there be an issue when the consumer sees a different name on the charge if all of the store process through one checkout 3) Are the mini
Q: how does this work on wii?
A: Pretty good I guess! Thanks for visiting our site. "Wii" look forward to meeting you.
Q: Do you hire another company to do your usability testing?
A: No we do it all in-house. We use testers that have been pre-screened based on applications they submit on this website.
Q: Did yoiu know you were having phone problems yesterday?
A: Yes. Thanks. It was quite frustrating. The problem was system wide with our VOIP provider. We are told the problem is solved so give us a call!
Q: Do you do e-commerce sites?
A: Yes. In fact we specialize in Phase 2 E-Commerce sites. Call us and we can tell you more.
Q: Saw your president or owner speak on Friday. Very good presentation. I'll be in touch.
A: So glad you enjoyed it. We look forward to working with you.
Q: how many addresses can a website have?
A: There's really no strict answer to this, but how one URL is re-directed to another can affect your search engine rankings. Plus, there are several ways to do a re-direct and each has different implications.
Q: in Google, can you bid on someone else's company name?
A: Yes. In some situations it can be very effective. In others that prospect may have a relationship or a positive perception of that company and it may be difficult to counter sell so far down the purchase process.
Q: Can you buy the ads that I see on Facebook even if you don't use Facebook?
A: Yes. Facebook ads are less expensive than Google PPC ads as an example, and many clients experience smaller results. It's not a good fit for every product.
Q: What is the best website design for a mlm product.
A: Well, there isn't a "best" design per se. It really depends on the specific product and the audience of the website. There are however, several templates or off the shelf programs that help run the backend of MLM programs.
Q: how many website are pirated and the original operator left helpless?
A: A few. It does happen. Check with your hosting provider to make sure all of the precautions that can be taken on the hosting side are being taken. If you are using an open source application check your config settings very carefully.
Q: If you are already working for a client in a particular industry and market, would you do the same work for a similar client?
A: Our relationships with our clients vary depending on the level of services we are providing. If we are providing on-gong marketing services, we would not do the same work for a competitor. If we are hired for a project and that project is complete, we wou

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