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Meet Matt Weber. He’s the President of SGG with a wealth of information overflowing from his brain and lucky for you it’s being spilled right here on this page. Come back every week to hear Matt talk about online marketing strategies and tips of the trade that can help your business overcome obstacles, avoid pitfalls, and ultimately succeed in this untamed wilderness we call the Internet.

Three Reasons Why it May Not be the Economy that is Hurting Your E-commerce Website (Web Development)
Tuesday, August 11. 2009 Matt Weber
We meet a lot of people who have e-commerce websites that aren’t making anywhere near as much money as they did a couple of years ago. They are sure it is the economy. I’m not so sure. I think it could be: 1)    When they first started their e-commerce website they had little competition.  Consumers used the website because of the utility value – it was easier to shop on-line then go in person or make a lot of phone calls. Then competition came and someone else started an e-commerce website that sold most of the same products. Now a lot of...
When Is a Virus NOT a Virus (General)
Wednesday, May 20. 2009 Matt Weber
There are certain things you hope you can trust in life: the thermometer that reads your body temperature, your bank statement and of course your anti-virus program. Many people are finding out that when it comes to Microsoft’s Windows One LiveCare, that may not be the case. This anti-virus software, which failed to meet its original sales goals after a much hyped debut, is reporting that some very common java scripts web developers all over the world use, are viruses when indeed they are not. So now many businesses are getting calls or emails from their customers or site visitors...
Work Less by Using Your Website More (General)
Friday, May 15. 2009 Matt Weber
At Sales Growth Group we are always extolling the amazing benefits of making your website do more of your selling, but your website can also do a lot more heavy lifting to make your life easier. Here are four things that your website can do to make your life easier:   1) Answer Your Most Common Questions:   Are there questions about your product or service you answer nearly every day? List them all and the answers on a FAQ page on your website. People go to your website to research your company and a FAQ page is a nice, neat convenient place for them to get the answers...
Don’t Hide Your Website Address (General)
Thursday, May 14. 2009 Matt Weber
I saw an ad in Sunday’s paper for a company that does home remodeling. The ad gave reasons to do business with them and provided how to contact them in this order: phone number, fax number, physical address, contractor’s license numbers and then in very tiny print at the bottom of the ad – their website address. If you think about how the average prospect is going to respond to that ad, the list is almost in the exact opposite order it should be. Most home remodelers don’t have a showroom or a place they want the consumer to visit. Their sale or their presentation...
Why This Is A Fantastic Time To Advertise With A Website (Internet Marketing)
Monday, March 23. 2009 Matt Weber
Remember your high school chemistry? When you heat a gas, the molecules move more and are more likely to collide? Same thing happens in a bad economy. It might not be visible to the naked eye, but consumers are moving more, and there is a greater opportunity  for you to collide with them. Case in point: tomorrow, I’m changing my eye doctor. I have been going to my current eye doctor for nearly 20 years, and I thought (and still believe) that he is one of the best. I also always thought he was a little on the pricey side, but for the better part of 20 years that wasn’t...
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