When Is a Virus NOT a Virus

website security

There are certain things you hope you can trust in life: the thermometer that reads your body temperature, your bank statement and of course your anti-virus program.

Many people are finding out that when it comes to Microsoft’s Windows One LiveCare, that may not be the case. This anti-virus software, which failed to meet its original sales goals after a much hyped debut, is reporting that some very common java scripts web developers all over the world use, are viruses when indeed they are not.

So now many businesses are getting calls or emails from their customers or site visitors saying, “Your website has a virus,” when it really does not. Bloggers have flooded Microsoft with calls for them to repair the issue and so far they have declined. That’s not unexpected since Microsoft has announced they are discontinuing support for the product.

Most businesses that have paid to have their website professionally created and have their website hosted in a dedicated hosting environment are probably not going to have a website that is infected with a virus. There are too many safeguards that professional web development firms use and there are many things that happen on the server side of a website that make it awfully tough for a site to host a virus.

Companies can pay to have the java script in their website altered so that Windows One LiveCare doesn’t see it as a virus and consumers will probably need to start relying on more than one anti-virus program for total protection, because if Windows One LiveCare can give a false positive, it most certainly is capable of delivering a false negative.